Holistic Animal Communicator

What is Holistic Animal Communication?

An Animal Communicator, also known as a pet psychic, can telepathically talk with your pets whether they are living or in spirit form. They will give you important information for their happiness and wellbeing. Telepathy is communication of thought from one being to another through extrasensory perception. What is being communicated is an impression of the total experience... all that it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels at any moment in time.  Being a telepath, I connect with the person (often times by phone ) then trace the heart connection from the person to the animal they want to communicate with .  It’s like a 3-way call where I work as the telephone line  translating information between parties.


Marci Steiner

Marci Steiner Can Help With

  1. -Animal Communication between You & your Dog, Cat, Horse, Birds and others

  2. -Amazon Herbal Botanicals for You & Your Pet

  3. -Applied Kinesiology

  4. -Energy Transformation

  5. -Reiki for You and Your Pet

  6. -Finding Your Lost Pet

Special Events:

“Paws for a Cause” with

Ceasar Milan. 

April 19th -Washington, DC

Benefits Koret school of Veterinary Medicine through the American Friends of Hebrew University.

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