Using Reiki (Energy Work) on Your Animal

Reiki can be a wonderful complement to traditional care, whether your pet has emotional or behavioral problems, is sick, injured, or even dying. As a reiki practitioner, I have enjoyed helping people and animals feel more comfortable, and connected to themselves and each other.   I have also provided peace and comfort with reiki for animals that were passing on.

Reiki translates as universal life energy and is an amazing energy healing method that originated in Japan. While it has mainly been used for healing people, in more recent years, those who have learned reiki have realized how beneficial this healing system could be to animals.  As a reiki practitioner, I am always impressed at the willingness of most animals to receive the healing, and how quickly they can release energetic blockages which are providing physical or emotional pain. 

Many times when I am working with an animal doing hands on work, I recognize that the patterns that the animal is carrying directly relates to their family member or caretaker.  Often times, I when work with their humans, the animal will make major shifts as a result.  This is one of my favorite parts of the work I do!!

Benefits of Reiki for Animals

Because reiki is healing energy, it will never harm you or your pet. Reiki for animals helps heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Reiki can help heal your pet and the situation.

If your pet has emotional problems due to a traumatic situation such as abuse,, neglect, or being hit by a car, reiki can help release and heal those emotions. Reiki is often used to help animals in shelters.  For behavioral issues such as nervousness or hyperactivity, reiki can help your pet relax and reduce their stress and anxiety.  If your pet is sick or injured, reiki can help your pet heal more quickly.   If your pet is facing a serious illness, reiki can help bring comfort and be a great compliment to conventional treatment.  If your animal is facing surgery, reiki given prior to surgery can lessen the amount of anesthesia needed and help the post-op recovery to be faster and smoother.  If your beloved pet is dying, reiki can help bring peace and comfort to you and your pet during this difficult time.   It really seems to help them relax so they are not afraid and struggling to stay a part of our lives.

How Reiki for Animals is Offered

Reiki can be given to any type of pet or animal. I will find that the responses I get can be different when offered to various kinds of animals. Even sessions offered to the same animal may vary from session to session. Some animals may sit while it is done, some may stand, and others may want to lie down. Some animals are very sensitive and may want you to offer it from a distance because the energy is too strong for them.  With reiki, it is important to remember that the practitioner is not doing the healing, but the reiki flowing through them is. A practitioner is simply a channel for this healing energy.  I tune into the animal as I am channeling and adjust the flow, so that is comfortable and beneficial.  Sometimes, when I am working with a very sensitive animal, it may require multiple sessions to complete desired results.  Overall, I find that by deeply honoring the animal as a priority, the trust is established, and the healing occurs more organically.  The whole process is dynamic, and I never stay “attached” to how a session will flow.

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