Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology

What Muscle Testing Tells You

Muscle testing - or applied kinesiology - is a way of connecting in with your body, or your animal’s body, to get a yes or a no answer to any question that you ask it.  It can be a helpful skill to assist in so many areas of your life.  One example is in the presence of a particular food or product that you are trying to determine if it’s good, or serves the highest good, for a person or animal.  The body will let you know if it’s the right product or proper amount at this time by your answer.  It is possible that a no answer signifies the product is not needed at this time, or it’s of poor quality. The person or animal may be allergic to that product.  You can take any food item, supplement, medication, or topical product, and see if it is right for you or your animal.  This is very helpful when you are trying to find the right product for you or your animal as there may be an allergy to certain items.  When you find the right products, you can then find out what the proper amounts are.  I can teach you, even over the phone, a technique to do muscle testing yourself, in just 10 minutes!

While muscle testing is a wonderful tool, it is not meant to predict the future. It is used for checking what is needed at the present time.  As animals age or get healthier, they may need their amounts increased or decreased.  If you have an animal for instance on a joint supplement, you can recheck weekly or monthly to see if your animal needs the amount adjusted.  Also, as animals age or encounter health issues, they may no longer be able to process certain types of foods, and you may find that you need to change their diet.  Or, you may find that an animal no longer needs a certain product at that time.  It is common for someone to be skeptical when learning something new, but, I encourage you to have an open mind.  People are amazed when they learn how to do this to support their life.

Muscle Testing by Distance

Because this is an energy based modality, products can easily be muscle tested from a distance. The animal does not need to be present for the testing.  I am also open and willing to perform the testing for you with your permission during our session at no extra charge.

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