Why Holistic Care Can Help

To understand more how this process works, consider this: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that all physical matter is composed of energy.  The science of quantum mechanics generally states that substance is simply vibration, in other words, the simplest form of energy.  Everything in the universe vibrates and has a unique frequency on an energetic level.  Even water is sensitive to vibration. Water is a life force and people and animals are composed mostly of water. So what does this mean? If water is sensitive to subtle energy and people and animals are mostly water, then any energy based healing modality has the ability to have a profound impact on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

You may have never heard of some holistic animal care methods.  That is ok.  Please keep an open mind as I share with you information that has the ability to improve you and your animal’s lives in ways you may have never dreamed before were possible. When you take the time to connect with your animal’s body, mind, and spirit, you can also experience a deeper bond like never before. And through this journey, you can profoundly affect your own life, too.

(You can read about some of my client’s real experiences under the Testimonials page...)

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